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Metzeler Karoo Street (Karoo STR)

The Karoo Street Tires are meant for ADV bike riders who are looking to trade a little bit of their bike's, rarely-used, off road grip for a bit more on road performance. A high silicompound results in enhanced grip on pavement in both wet and dry, while the aggressive knobby pattern still provides excellent grip when your adventure strays off the tarmac. The Karoo Streets also boast a constant contact patch that enables proper function of your bike's more complicated on-board rider aids, likes cornering ABS and traction control.


Outstanding on road performance from a knobby tread pattern
Sport touring profile
High silicompound delivers excellent grip on road, both dry and wet
Excellent traction off road
Precise cornering and stability throughout tires life
Constant contact patch works well with sophisticated electronic systems like ABS and traction control

Metzeler Tourance NEXT (Tourance Next)

The new Metzeler Tourance NEXT are enduro street tires that dare you to challenge any weather condition and any road. This 90/10 tire represents the latest generation of enduro street tires, featuring new compounds, profiles, structure and tread pattern for unmatched levels of stability, safety on wet and mileage. Rear tires are now dual compound, derived from Metzeler's Z8 Interact tires focused on increasing wet performance and mileage. The rear tire shoulder compounds are 100% Silica that guarantees an excellent chemical grip on wet surfaces and provides great confidence and feel. Front tires also feature a high silica content for improved handling and faster warm up.


Improved wet grip and stability
Improved mileage over previous Tourance EXP tires
Features Metzeler's Zero Degree Steel Radial technology
MAW (Metzeler Advance Winding) system optimizes the spacing between the cords of the Zero Degree steel belt
Differentiated groove layout and shape
Improved water evacuation as the compound is always in contact with the road
Dual Compound rear sizes
Center, harder compound is 40-45mm wide depending on tire size
Rear tires feature Silica content of 50% in center compound specifically designed to optimize mileage and stability at high speeds and fully loaded
Shoulder compounds are 100% Silica to guaranty an excellent chemical grip on wet surfaces
Rear tires feature Metzeler Interact technology with three zones of variable tension belt layout, similar to the Roadtec Z8 Interact
Front tires are single compound
Front tires also feature a high Silica content (over 50%) and uses new polymers and resins to provide improved handling and grip with fast warm up
New, innovative high stiffness structure for a more sportbike-like tire behavior
Ideal choice for the latest generation Adventure touring bikes

Pirelli Scorpion Trail II (Scorpion Trail 2)

The Pirelli Scorpion Trail II Tires were specifically designed to meet the versatility of the modern adventure touring motorcycle. They feature an aggressive tread pattern supported by strong technological innovations, giving good stability even at high speed, excellent traction on dirt as well as superior handling, comfort and grip in all riding conditions.

Tread Pattern:

The tread pattern of Pirelli Scorpion Trail II Tires have an aggressive look typical of an off-road tire, but that combines the greatest features of an enduro tire with those of a sport touring tire. The side grooves have been designed to ensure optimal drainage of water, while the layout and shape of the central grooves not only contribute to the drainage of water but also ensure better traction, greater stability and normal wear.


The entire Pirelli Scorpion Trail II tire line features a dual compound construction. Compared to its predecessor, this tire has a wider central section which contains a compound developed for high mileage without compromising cornering performance. The side compound was designed to optimize the balance between performance on dry and wet roads.


Thanks to a shorter, wider, contact patch area, the profile helps to reduce and level the wear of the tire while maintaining consistent performance throughout its life.


The structure that lies beneath the Pirelli Scorpion Trail 2 Tires ensures high performance, even at full load or with heavier motorcycles, making it comfortable for long trips and winding roads.


Increased mileage, improved wet grip with an incredible performance consistency throughout its entire life cycle
Innovative tread pattern combines the typical off-road style of the Pirelli Scorpion™ range with the experience directly derived from the Angel GT (Pirelli's top sport touring product)
Peak performance of enduro and sport touring blended into one product
Larger center compound stripe to guarantee enhanced cornering performance
Central compound developed for higher mileage and improved behavior in wet conditions
Side compound for optimized balance between dry and wet performance
High performance for heavy, fully-loaded bikes
Incredible versatility ensures peak performance on long, straight journeys or twisty roads with the most adverse weather conditions

Metzeler Tourance (Tourance)

The Metzeler Tourance dual sport tires were developed and tuned for today's big, modern, street-oriented Enduro bikes. These tires allow you to take your touring-configured enduro bike for longer rides with great grip and maximum mileage while on the street.


Lets you take your touring-configured enduro bike for longer rides
Radial tires feature twin layer, 4-ply diagonal tire carcass construction
85% On / 15% Off
Radial front and rear tires feature Metzeler's 0° Steel Radial belt technology
Maximum mileage on the street and great traction also on light off-road surfaces thanks to the specific compound
Tire compound provides long mileage, stable handling and touring comfort on road; tread design also handles light off-road riding
Optimized tread design reduces rolling noise
MAW (Metzeler Advanced Winding) Technology

Pirelli MT60RS (MT60RS)

Developed using the same winning technology used for Pirelli's super sport tires, the Pirelli MT60RS Tires are the go-to for smaller bikes that want to get dirty but still demand traction. The tread design offers excellent street performance and just enough grip off-road to handle fire roads or loose terrain without getting into trouble. OE on the Ducati Scrambler, the MT60RS Tires fit a variety of bikes on the market, making any street focused machine a scrambler at heart.


Maximum grip tread
110/80R18 58H and 160/60R17 69H are OE fitment on certain Ducati Scrambler models
180/55ZR17 73W D-Spec is the OE rear fitment on Scrambler 1100 models
Superb cornering and straight-line stability; exceptional wet-weather performance
Excellent traction, on- and off-road; provides light, responsive handling
H-rated for speeds up to 130 mph or W-rated for speeds up to 168 mph
Tubeless (TL)

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